Outside of Maui Brewing Company in Kihei, Maui
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Best Breweries in Maui -Brewing, Distilleries & Winery Guide

Are you planning a trip to Maui and looking to visit breweries there? I’ve made the perfect guide for you. Additionally, with their unique island-inspired flavors and laid-back atmospheres, these local breweries offer more than just a simple pint. They provide a taste of the island’s diverse culture and passion for craft brewing.

Whether touring the island’s lush countryside or enjoying the sandy shores, a refreshing beer crafted on the island can perfectly complement your adventure. The breweries on Maui range from small, family-owned operations to larger establishments that distribute their beverages nationally. Each brewery provides an array of experiences, from tasting rooms with scenic views to tours that dive into the art of brewing. Alongside the classic lagers and ales, some breweries serve experimental flavors that are as unique as the island. The island hosts breweries, select distilleries, and a winery, extending the invitation to taste Maui’s different craft alcohols.

Discovering the Best Breweries in Maui

When you’re on the beautiful island of Maui and longing for a unique pint of craft beer, you’ll be pleased to find several noteworthy breweries ready to welcome you. Exploring the local flavors here is as refreshing as the island breezes.

Maui Brewing Company front bar area with all its different beers list

Maui Brewing Company

Hawaii’s largest craft brewery is a must-visit. Committed to local agriculture, it offers a diverse range of beers that capture the essence of the island. Their tasting room in Kihei isn’t just about sampling beer; it’s an experience paired with island-inspired dishes.

MBC recently opened a new restaurant collaboration with TS Restaurants at the Outrigger Kaanapali Beach Resort. This location, directly on Ka’anapali Beach, offers open-aired dining with a fabulous ocean view.

Maui Brewing Co. is your go-to for a beer drinker’s paradise with their “grid-independent production brewery” in Kihei, Maui. Enjoy the bestselling Bikini Blonde Lager and the robust Coconut Hiwa Porter any time of year. Don’t miss their Big Swell IPA for a taste of the islands.

  • Location: Kihei, Ka’anapali and Kahana (Multiple Locations on Oahu)
  • Must-Try: Coconut Hiwa Porter
  • Happy Hour: Kahana & Kihei: Monday through Friday, 3:30 – 4:30 pm, plus Logo Wednesday, $2 off MBC beers all day. Kihei also has live music nightly from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Inside the old brewery of Kohola in Lahaina. This building was destroyed in the Lahaina fire in August of 2023.

Kohola Brewery

Another gem is Kohola Brewery in Lahaina. This smaller operation packs a punch with its quality brews. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for a laid-back afternoon, sampling some of their finest, like the Lokahi Pilsner.

Unfortunately, Kohola Brewing was destroyed in the Lahaina Fire of 2023. With the help of Kona Brewing Hawaii, they are once again brewing. Kohola’s beers can be found in local restaurants and stores around Maui. They have plans for a tap room in Wailea and hope to rebuild their brewery in Lahaina.

  • Location:  Various restaurants and stores
  • Must-Try: Talk Story Pale Ale
Mahalo Aleworks bar area in Upcountry

Mahalo Aleworks

Venture further, and you’ll stumble upon the spirited Mahalo Aleworks. With innovative brewing techniques, they produce an ever-changing lineup that will tantalize your taste buds. They partnered with their next-door neighbor, Marlow, for handmade wood-fired pizza. In addition to pizza, Upcountry Sausage Co. has a cart on the lanai serving sausages, smash burgers, and street tacos.

  • Location: Upcountry Maui. Kulamalu Town Center.
  • Must-Try: Guava Citra IPA
  • Happy Hour: No. Live music 6:00 – 8:00 pm daily, Saturday 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Waikiki Brewing Company

For a slice of the mainland’s brewpub scene, Waikiki Brewing Company offers its popular ales alongside island favorites. It’s a great spot to unwind after a day of Maui adventures.

The Waikiki Brewing Company’s Brew Pub on Front Street in Lahaina was destroyed in the Lahaina Fires. Check them out at their location in Wailea.

Waikiki Brewing Company provides a great time with their selection in Wailea. Picture yourself enjoying their house favorites paired with a cold draft beer as you soak in the lively atmosphere. Their happy hour is a must for experience seekers and beer aficionados alike.

  • Location: The Shops at Wailea Shopping Center (Multiple Locations on Oahu)
  • Must-Try: Black Strap Molasses Porter
  • Happy Hour: 2:00 – 5:00 pm

When planning your brewery visits to Maui, remember that each place has unique offerings and ambiance. Drink responsibly and consider arranging transportation to fully enjoy your brewery discovery adventure.

Experiences and Activities at Breweries in Maui

As you explore the breweries in Maui, you’ll discover that they offer a blend of rich history, knowledgeable tour guides, and a range of beers that’ll delight any beer aficionado. Here, it’s not just about sampling good beer; it’s about embracing the craft beer way of life with a family-friendly vibe.

Tours and Tastings

  • Brewery Tours: Get an insider’s look at the brewing process at Maui’s best breweries. At Maui Brewing, for example, you can join a guided tour where an enthusiastic tour guide will share the brewery’s history and process. MBC tours cost is $20/person and available on weekends at 12:30, 2:00, and 3:30 pm. Mahalo has just started tours and tastings for up to 6 people.
  • Beer Tasting: After your tour, enjoy various good beer tastings. The Kokua Project might be highlighted, allowing you to sip and support local causes.

Events and Entertainment

  • Trivia Night: Engage your mind while enjoying your beer with a lively trivia night. It’s a great time to showcase your knowledge and have fun with fellow beer lovers.
  • Live Music: For those who appreciate melodies with their brews, live music evenings are a must-attend. Enjoy various genres from local artists while relaxing with delicious food and a cold pint.
  • Happy Hour & Sports: Check out happy hour specials during game nights if you’re a sports fan. You can watch the latest game while benefiting from discounts on drinks and munchies, offering a perfect environment to cheer on your favorite teams.

Best Craft Brewing Bars On Maui

When you’re in Maui, a tropical paradise for craft beer enthusiasts awaits. Here’s a friendly guide to some of the best bars where you can savor the local brews:

Maui Brewing Co. in Ka'anapali Beach with ocean views and a firepit area of enjoying MBC beers and food.

Maui Brewing Co.

Visiting Maui Brewing Co. is a must. It’s the island’s largest craft brewery, offering diverse beers that highlight local ingredients. Enjoy their spacious brewpub in Kihei or a more intimate taproom in Kahana. Grab a bite to eat at their Ka’anapali location, which has fantastic ocean views.

The Pint & Cork

Location: Shops at Wailea
For a sophisticated yet relaxed ambiance, head to The Pint & Cork. Their carefully curated craft beer list often features local breweries’ specialties and other Hawaiian and mainland brews.

Beers on tap at Hula Grill in Ka'anapali. Barefoot Brew is a special MBC beer for Hula Grill.

Barefoot Bar at Hula Grill

You’ll find Barefoot Bar at Hula Grill in Whalers Village. Unwind with a pint, toes in the sand, and a stunning ocean view. Hula Grill has an exclusive Maui Brewing beer, Barefoot Brew. We have found that Hula Grill has the coldest beer on the Westside of Maui.

What Ales You

Location: Kihei
What Ales You is a hidden gem where you can explore an array of local and international craft beers in a laid-back setting.

Leilani’s on the Beach

Another Whalers Village favorite, Leilani’s on the Beach, offers a fantastic selection of draft beers focusing on Hawaiian breweries, including Maui Brewing Co.

Monkeypod Kitchen

With locations in Whalers Village and Wailea, Monkeypod Kitchen is renowned for its commitment to craft, from the kitchen to the taps. Their impressive beer list boasts local and craft brews complementing their culinary delights.

Ocean Vodka in Upcountry Maui with sugar cane fields and a rainbow

Distilleries On Maui

If you’re looking to explore the spirit-making side of Maui, you’re in for a treat. The island prides itself on several remarkable distilleries where local flavors and traditional methods merge.

The distillery tour of Ocean Vodka on Maui

Hawaiʻi Sea Spirits Organic Farm and Distillery

Ocean Vodka

  • Location: Kula, Maui
  • Notable for: Unique organic farming and distillation process.
  • Why Visit: Discover how organic sugar cane and deep ocean mineral water are transformed into smooth Ocean Vodka. You can enjoy a variety of tours that offer insight into the production and taste the distinct character in each bottle.

Hāliʻimaile Distilling Company

Pau Vodka

  • Location: Makawao, Maui
  • Specialty: Crafting vodka from Maui-grown pineapples.
  • Experience: Here, you can witness the journey from field to bottle. Hāliʻimaile uses a unique distillation process, ensuring Hawaii’s purity and essence in each Pau Vodka sip. You might even get to smell the sweet aroma of pineapples permeating their distillery while on a tour. In addition to Vodka, they distill Mahina Rum, Paniolo Blended Whiskey, and FID Street Gin.

Kupu Spirits

  • Location: Kihei, Maui
  • Specialty: Crafting gin, whiskey, and island amaro from Maui-grown ingredients, plus canned craft cocktails.
  • Experience: Maui Brewing Company extends into canned craft cocktails using local ingredients and produces gin, whiskey, and amaro. Currently, there are no distillery tours.

The distilleries emphasize sustainability and incorporate unique local ingredients, inviting you to a genuine Maui experience. Reservations for tours are recommended, as they are a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Come visit and sip on Hawaii’s finest spirits as you take in the island’s surrounding beauty.

The grounds at Maui wine are beautifully maintained with wood carvings in the front yard of the King's Cottage.

Winery on Maui

When you set foot in Maui, one of the gems you’ll discover nestled in the rolling fields of Ulupalakua is Maui Wine. This winery, rich with history and a sense of place, boasts a unique assortment that reflects the island’s volcanic soil and diverse climate. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

  • Tasting Room: In the heart of the estate, the tasting room at the King’s Cottage welcomes you to sample their wines. For a more private experience, you can arrange for a wine tasting under the Camphor Tree. These 2-hour intimate tastings are only offered on Tuesday and Friday. You’ll find various options, from tropical Pineapple Wines to traditional estate-grown wines such as Syrah and Grenache.
  • The wine types are sweet Pineapple and fruit-forward wines with a tropical twist. Their estate wines are grown on the slopes of Haleakala, embodying the unique terrain of Maui. Lastly, traditional blends are a mix of grapes, resulting in familiar and new flavors.
Maui Wine sign made of stone and wood with it's logo in the center.
  • Tours: Dive into the history of winemaking at Maui Wine on a self-guided tour of the historic estate. There are no tours to the production area or guided tours of the estate.
  • Special Events: Throughout the year, Maui Wine opens its doors for seasonal events and wine launch celebrations for its wine club members. Watch for these exclusive gatherings and bring friends to share the joy.
  • Gift Shop: Take home a piece of Maui Wine. The shop offers everything from wine-related gifts to local products, making it the perfect souvenir for your visit.

Remember, the winery operates Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, making it a flexible stop on your island itinerary. Don’t miss the chance to taste and toast on the slopes of Ulupalakua at Maui Wine, where tradition and aloha spirit are bottled up waiting for you.

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Final Thoughts on Breweries in Maui along with Distilleries and Winery

In conclusion, Maui’s brewery scene is integral to the island’s culture, offering a unique blend of tropical flavors and innovative brewing techniques. With its array of brewery tours, tasting rooms with picturesque landscapes, and a broader spectrum of craft brewing bars, distilleries, and even a local winery, the island provides an enriching experience for enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. Whether you’re looking to explore the distinctive taste of the tropics or enjoy a quality drink in a beautiful setting, Maui’s breweries deliver an unforgettable taste of island life.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find answers to common inquiries about Maui’s brewery scene. Explore your options for tours, tastings, scenery, food pairings, hours of operation, and special beer-related events.

What are the top-rated breweries to visit in Maui?

Maui Brewing Co. is the island’s largest and most renowned, with its expansive production brewery in Kihei leading the way. Another popular spot is Mahalo Aleworks, lauded for its craft beers and chill vibe.

Which Maui breweries offer tours and tastings?

Both Maui Brewing Co. and Mahalo Aleworks feature tours and tastings. Maui Brewing Co. provides a detailed look into its brewing process and offers options to sample its craft beers.

Can you recommend Maui Breweries, which has scenic outdoor seating?

For awesome ocean views, Maui Brewing Co. in Ka’anapali offers gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, perfect for sipping your pint.

What are the operating hours for breweries in Maui?

Operating hours vary, but many Maui breweries open around 11 a.m. and close between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. For the most accurate information, check the individual brewery’s website or call.

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