Welcome! I’m Becky;

Realizing Your Travel Bucket List, One Adventure at a Time.

There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your travel dreams unfold as you complete your bucket list.

We hope this blog’s itineraries, ideas, and tips help show that travel can be easy. Travel shouldn’t be put off for the perfect time. Go live Life now!

About Me…

As an Empty Nester, I am enjoying life by frequently traveling with my husband.

As much as we enjoy traveling throughout Europe, we love beach vacations. My husband and I are certified divers who also enjoy snorkeling and hiking.

Where we live…

We live most of the year in Arizona and spend the summer on a lake in Illinois near the Wisconsin border.

My travel philosophy is to enjoy the experience and record it with pictures. It doesn’t matter where you explore; it could be somewhere close to home or thousands of miles away. Appreciate the moments along the way.

Where we like to travel…

In the U.S.

Maui is hands-down our favorite spot to hit up in the U.S. The scenery is stunning, and there’s truly something for everyone. We’re talking hikes aplenty, snorkeling galore, and pristine beaches at every turn.

Why we chose Maui…

Our love affair with Hawaii started in the mid-2000s when we began taking our kids there for Spring Break. And once we stepped foot on the island of Maui, it was game over. We’ve been hooked ever since, often returning year after year (sometimes even more than once a year – we love Maui that much!).

But it’s not just the scenery that draws us back repeatedly. Maui feels almost magical: the moment we’re off that plane and surrounded by that distinct Maui smell, we feel like we’re home.

One of our favorite things to do on Maui is to visit in late winter to early spring when the Humpback whales are active. Seeing these majestic creatures up close as they breach and flip their tails is breathtaking and worth adding to your bucket list.


In Europe, our favorite city is London, and our favorite country is Italy.

When visiting Italy, we love spending a few days in Venice, searching for the best cicchetti, and exploring Cinque Terre’s small cities by hiking the trails.

Why we chose London/UK…

We’ve been fortunate to visit London multiple times a year for the past two decades. In 2019, we even lived there for half a year! During our time in London, we used it as a launching pad to explore Europe and the UK (outside of London).

If I had to live in a country besides the US, it would be England.

I mean, who doesn’t love the energy of London with its cozy pubs and fascinating history? And when we need a break from the city, we love heading out to the quaint English countryside in places like the Cotswolds, Lake District, and Cornwall – they’re like stepping back in time.

Type of Travel…

Our travel takes on a bucket list quality. We love exploring all the popular tourist sites and off-the-beaten paths. It’s this mixture that makes us the happiest while exploring a new place. It is always great to revisit a favorite and not worry about all the major sites but relax and enjoy the culture.

I often join my husband on his business travels. While he works during the day or at business dinners in the evening, I’m a solo traveler. Because of that, I could give perspectives on traveling as a solo and couple. Join me for tips that I have learned over the years!

More About Me…

My husband and I have been traveling together for over 35 incredible years! Even while attending college in different states, we prioritized visiting each other by hopping on a flight whenever possible. Since we love the beach, we enjoy fun vacations that create unforgettable adventures.

Our honeymoon was in Grand Cayman, where I did my check-out dives to get certified in scuba diving. My husband earned college credits for his diving certification at the University of Miami. In our early years, we mainly traveled to the Caribbean; we decided to switch things up and booked a fantastic trip to Hawaii. From the moment we stepped foot on the island of Maui, we knew we would be visiting again and again.

As our kids grew up, I had the opportunity to travel with my husband on his work trips. From breathtaking destinations in Asia and Europe to various parts of the US, we explored some genuinely unique places together.

Why is this Blog named Cultivate Traveling?

Scrapbooking and photography are two passions of mine. While I’m far from being a pro, I love taking snapshots of my loved ones and the places we explore together.

For me, it’s all about cherishing the present and the past. Having physical scrapbooks and photo albums to flip through and reflect on makes me appreciate my life even more. Sure, there may be some tough times, but being able to revisit happy memories is priceless. I have combined my love of capturing precious memories with traveling.

A Health Scare, to put it all in perspective…

In 2021, I was hit with an unexpected diagnosis of a rare breast cancer: Inflammatory Breast Cancer. If you’re curious to learn more, send me a message!

Despite the challenges of fighting cancer, we consciously tried to travel and savor life’s precious moments. It was a source of profound motivation- after all, what better reason to keep fighting than more time with our loved ones?

After completing my treatments, I asked, “What’s next?” Despite a significant health scare, I consider myself fortunate. This experience taught me to make the most of life and pursue my passions.

How Cultivate Traveling was created…

For years, I’ve been pondering ways to enter the travel industry. Finally, I decided to start a blog where I could share my travel experiences and tips. With all the blessings in my life, it was time to take action.

As an organized person, I extensively research every destination and activity. Many of my loved ones have encouraged me to start a blog for years. After much thought, Cultivate Traveling was born. Join me on a journey of wanderlust and exploration!

For business or media-related inquiries, contact me by email.

ctadmin [at] cultivatetraveling [dot] com

  • I’m not a professional photographer, nor do I pose for the “gram.” However, you will find real-life travel photos and tips here. I want to inspire you to travel, not to make it intimidating.
  • Our next adventure on the calendar for 2024 is our annual beach vacation to Maui.
  • I’m always thinking of the next trip. It is essential to realize that exploring not far from home is just as rewarding as traveling 1000s miles!
  • I have traveled to over 24 countries and 38 U.S. States & Territories in my adult life. We are always planning our next adventure and revisiting our favorite locations.

Welcome to Cultivate Traveling

A Passion for Travel Planning

Cultivate Traveling blog is about developing the mindset to prioritize and value travel experiences. I hope to motivate you to seek opportunities to explore cultures and new destinations actively.

Cultivate definitions: to foster the growth of; to improve or develop by study; further, encourage; to seek the society of make friends with; devote time and thought to; to seek the company and friendship of.

Traveling cultivates opening your mind to new ideas and learning new experiences. Traveling allows you to visit different cultures; it increases your awareness that your small part of the world is a piece of the whole. We experience similarities that we may not have known, but also the differences. It allows you to learn patience.

Find the beauty of traveling. I hope that you find this blog motivates you to start planning your next trip!

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My International Bucket List - Neuschwestin Castle, Salzburg & Vienna Christmas Markets, Maldives, Austrailia & New Zeland, Sicily, Krakow, Budapest & Lake Bled.