Travel FAQ

Answering the most commonly asked Travel Questions. Send me your questions, and I will add them here with my answer.

Start with a short trip. Research cities or countries that are safe for traveling solo. Check out travel touring groups for solo travelers; you might meet a new travel partner—book tours to be with other people. Although I have no problem dining alone, sometimes I like to do a Food Tasting tour. I have found great food tours on Viator.

Yes, it is safe to travel as a female traveler. Always take precautions. Everyone should practice the following, whether traveling alone or with others.

Research your destination to know the possible dangers or scams you may face.

Leave a detailed itinerary with someone you trust.

Share your location with someone you trust at home.

Buy a local SIM card and make sure that your phone is charged. Check out SIM and eSIM options at Airalo.

Trust your intuition. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t give out too much information about yourself or that you are traveling alone. These are just a few things to ensure you are traveling safely.

I have a whole post about carry-ons, but only my tips for packing a carry-on. My biggest tip is to use sample-size toiletries and roll your clothing into packing cubes.

Sign up for Global Entry. With Global Entry, you will also get a TSA pre-check. Be organized going through the TSA line. No liquids larger than 3.4oz. Have your boarding pass ready. Take everything out of your pockets BEFORE you get to the machines. Apple Maps now has a new feature for showing gates and amenities. Another good app is GateGuru.

My favorite travel app that I could not live without is TripIt. Here is a list of my other favorite travel apps.

I use Google Flights, Trip Advisor, and Pinterest the most when planning a trip. Research is what I enjoy. I use multiple sources and scour reviews. When I am looking for tours, I use Get Your Guide and Viator

Skyscanner and Google Flights are the main places that I will look for flights. I set notifications for the flights that I am considering. If your travel dates and or location are flexible, you can use Google Flights to locate when and where to fly the cheapest.

Yes, you should protect your investment. Check out Nomad Insurance for Global Medical Insurance. Travelex Insurance to protect your trip.

I have a whole post HERE for preparing for a long-haul flight.

Contact your cellphone carrier to inquire about the cost of an International plan. Oftentimes, this is an expensive option. Buy a SIM or eSIM card for the destination that you are traveling to. This is often the most economical. If you don’t want to use a SIM card, put your cellphone into airplane mode and only use connecting to wifi. To find the best eSIM or SIM card, check out Airalo.