We offer customized travel itineraries based on your personal preferences and travel needs. Currently, we are offering a custom travel itinerary for the following destinations:

Hawaiian Islands, St. John, USVI, Arizona, England, and parts of Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice and Cinque Terre)

It’s your dream vacation. Do you want more than just a trip but an experience? Does planning a vacation seem stressful to you? Don’t have the time to plan yet want to travel independently from a group tour?

Let me help you plan your itinerary to meet your needs with a Custom Travel Itinerary.

For years, family and friends have asked me to advise them on planning trips.  Sometimes, they traveled with us, and I did all the planning.  I’m now extending that offer to my blog readers. 

Are you dreaming of a trip to Hawaii?

Is a trip to St. John, USVI, on your bucket list?

Have you always wanted to visit London and/or England?

Is Italy your dream vacation?

I can make your travel dreams a reality.

Here is how it will work:

  1. You will fill out a form on what you want to accomplish with your trip when you want to travel, and how long you want to travel.
    Trip planning should be done between 6 to 3 months before your trip. There will be a rush fee if it is less than 60 days before your trip.
  2. After completing the questionnaire, I will outline your trip goals. 
  3. We will email or have a Zoom call (15 – 30 minutes) to discuss the outline I have created for your trip in detail. I will send you a recording of our call so that you can refer back to it in the future (once you make the customized itinerary payment).
  4. Once we discuss on Zoom what your trip should include in more detail, I will plan a CUSTOMIZED itinerary for you. Before I start your customized itinerary, payment must be made.
  5. Once payment is made, you will receive your CUSTOMIZED itinerary in a PDF. You will be provided with direct links for making all your reservations.

I do not handle the bookings. It is your responsibility to purchase your travel with the detailed links that I provide for you. If you need help booking, I will be available for your questions.

One change to the itinerary is included. It must be requested within two weeks of receipt of your CUSTOMIZED itinerary. Any other changes are $30/change.

Why you should use Cultivate Traveling vs. a Travel Agent to create a Travel Itinerary

  • It will be a customized itinerary to what you have indicated as your travel goals.
  • Save time and money. All costs are transparent.
  • I have real-life experience to help guide you in creating your dream vacation.
  • All my years of travel experience with tips and tricks will be at your fingertips.
  • My services are affordable. I’m not a travel agent trying to get you to buy a preset tour.  The itinerary will be customized to your wants and interests.
  • You will experience a hassle-free Bucket List Experience.
  • You have control over the bookings. I will give you all the information so you can book it yourself.
  • You will pay for only the days that you need planned.

What you will get With your Custom Travel Itinerary

  • Airline information
  • Accommodation recommendations
  • Local Transfers
  • Car Rental/Transportation recommendations
  • Activities customized for you.
  • Restaurant suggestions
  • Travel Tips for your destination
  • Suggested packing lists.
Maui green sea turtle swimming in the ocean
green sea turtle swimming in ocean sea

Cultivate Traveling’s Custom Travel Itinerary Packages

We offer three types of Travel Itinerary Packages to fit all your travel needs.

Email Only


Do you have an idea what you want out of your vacation but need some guidance? What about answering several questions via email? $30 for three email responses about one travel destination. I will respond within 48 hours of each email.

Custom Travel Itinerary by the Day
$60 /day

We will create a customized, detailed itinerary for each planned day based on your needs at $60.

Want to add another location? We charge a $25 fee for each destination plus the daily planning charge.

Basic Destination Itinerary


Would you like a basic itinerary outline for 1-7 days for one destination? We will give you an outline that has a flexible itinerary for you. It will include accommodations, transportation, and activities. It will not include a detailed itinerary on what vendors or when to do the activities.

“I’m taking a trip to the Big Island, Hawaii, for 7 days but only need help with 5 days.” That is great; I will help you plan the days you need. I will include when to do the activities, how much time it will take for the activity, and what company to use.

For example, you would like to spend 5 days on Maui and 3 days on Kauai and have a customized itinerary for both locations and all the days. It will be $60 for the 8 days of plans plus $25 for another location. It would be a total cost of $505.

Our Refunds Policy

Because of the nature of my services, there are no refunds. Included in the initial fee, there is one revision to your Customized Itinerary. Afterward, it will be $30 for each change.

I strive for customer satisfaction and will work with you to make your travel dreams come true. I hope we will communicate and all your needs will be met without additional revisions.