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Bars in St. John USVI: Best Spots for a Tropical Drink

St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands isn’t just about stunning beaches and lush greenery; it’s also home to amazing bars. Enjoy local brews from St. John Brewers or craft cocktails in Cruz Bay at Drink, Longboard, and Lovango Rum Bar. A visit to St. John is incomplete without live music at the Beach Bar. For a laid-back vibe, head to Coral Bay’s relaxed bars. Exploring these venues offers a taste of the island’s food and music scene. Let’s dive into what makes each bar worth a visit.

Cruz Bay: Where the Party Starts

Cruz Bay is the heart of St. John’s nightlife, where you can find a variety of bars offering great drinks, delicious food, and an unbeatable vibe. From beach bars to saloons, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The Beach Bar: A Local Legend

The Beach Bar sits right by Cruz Bay Beach, offering a perfect island vibe with fantastic views. It is a favorite beach bar on St. John, serving good food and refreshing drinks. Live music performances add to the fun atmosphere, making it a great place to relax with friends. Whether you’re soaking up the sun or enjoying the nighttime breeze, this bar offers an unforgettable experience.

Woody’s Seafood Saloon: Happy Hour and Seafood Delights

Woody’s Seafood Saloon, located in the heart of Cruz Bay, is famed for its happy hour specials and delightful seafood. Known for having the best Mahi Mahi bites, it’s a great spot to unwind after a day of exploring. Fresh food and a lively crowd give it a great reputation as a must-visit. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy good times at this iconic spot.

The Tap & Still: Burgers and Brews

The Tap & Still is a casual bar known for its delicious burgers and refreshing brews. The good food here is cooked to order and pairs perfectly with cold beers on tap. It’s a hit for locals and tourists looking for a relaxed setting. Grab a seat and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere with a burger and a cold brew.

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Several people seated at a bar inside a restaurant with a blue canopy and ceiling fans. A bartender serves drinks while patrons chat and look at menus.

High Tide Bar & Seafood Grill: Ocean Views and Fresh Bites

High Tide Bar & Seafood Grill offers stunning ocean views on the edge of Cruz Bay Beach. Known for its good food, it serves fresh seafood and classic American dishes. The relaxed outdoor seating lets you enjoy the scenery while savoring your meal. High Tide is perfect for a casual lunch or a laid-back dinner by the water.

Outdoor bar with high tables and stools. A few patrons are seated at the bar, and a TV screen displays "DRINK." Palm trees and a waterfront are visible in the background. String lights hang from the ceiling.

Drink St. John: Sip and Savor in Style

Drink St. John offers a more upscale experience focusing on craft cocktails. This stylish bar provides innovative and delicious drinks. The ambiance is chic but welcoming, making it a great place to start or end your evening. Whether sipping a cocktail or enjoying the company, Drink St. John has a unique charm.

A glass of iced coffee with a straw sits beside a menu for Lovango Rum Bar, Virgin Islands, on a wooden table.

Lovango Rum Bar

Enjoy live music and fantastic pizzas like the Great Balls of Fire and Jolly Roger, both of which were delicious. Take in the romantic views of Cruz Bay, especially at sunset, while sipping on craft cocktails or wine by the glass.

People sitting at a bar counter under woven pendant lights, overlooking a tropical marina with docked boats at dusk.

Rum Hut

Rum Hut is where you can enjoy classic cocktails with a Caribbean twist. It’s known for its relaxed vibe and is a perfect spot to unwind after a day at the beach. The great drinks here often feature rum, making it a hit with tourists. With a friendly atmosphere and simple yet satisfying menu options, Rum Hut is a must-visit in Cruz Bay.

Wine Bar & Shop

Wine Bar & Shop St. John offers a selection of small plates and specialty wines, available by the glass or by the bottle to go. For a delightful experience, order charcuterie boards in advance.

Outdoor view of a two-story restaurant with a white railing and a sign that reads "Entrance." There's a cloudy sky above, and a billboard below advertising "Lunch with a View" offering lunch items.

The Upstairs Sports Bar & Grill

Serving burgers, tacos, hotdogs, and salads, this spot is located in the former Dog House Pub. The bar features karaoke on Tuesday nights and bingo on Wednesdays, adding a fun twist to your dining experience.

Street view of a two-story building with striped green and white awnings, labeled “ROMA” on a vertical sign. The building has an outdoor seating area enclosed by a white fence.

The Longboard

Indulge in their delicious bar snacks and small plates, perfect for sharing. The poke bowls and ceviche, made with the catch of the day and seasoned with Caribbean flavors, are a must-try.

Feeling thirsty? The bar menu is a treasure trove of coktail delights. Enjoy house-crafted cocktails with unique twists, or choose from a selection of beers and wines. For a real treat, don’t miss their legendary Frozen Painkiller—it’s world-famous for a reason!

More Gems in Cruz Bay at Mongoose Junction: The Tap Room and Sun Dog Café

In Cruz Bay, Mongoose Junction has amazing spots like The Tap Room and Sun Dog Café. Let’s explore what makes each place special and why they’re worth visiting.

The Tap Room – St. John Brewers

Experience the unique flavors of St. John Brewer’s craft beers and sodas at their brewpub. Choose from year-round staples, limited-edition specialties, or seasonal small-batch brews.

Located on the second level of Mongoose Junction in Cruz Bay, St. John, the brewpub offers a range of drinks, including Love City Seltzers, freshly made sodas on draft, and signature cocktails like various mules.

Pair your drink with snacks and entrees from their pub-inspired menu for a complete experience.

Outdoor tropical bar with a wooden roof, people seated on stools, stone pathway, and lush greenery in the background.

Sun Dog Cafe

Sun Dog Café offers open-air dining in the charming courtyard of Mongoose Junction, complete with live music for a delightful experience.

Off the Beaten Path: Discovering Bars Outside Cruz Bay

Explore charming bars outside Cruz Bay, perfect for those who love hidden gems, great drinks, and stunning views. From unique settings to live music nights, these spots offer something special.

Outdoor colorful restaurant with a sign reading "Bambooze Bar & Grill" and multiple seating areas, including rainbow-painted picnic tables and chairs under umbrellas. String lights hang above the seating area.

Shambles: A Hidden Treasure

Shambles is a hidden gem that’s worth a visit. This bar offers a laid-back atmosphere and friendly wait staff. Locals often gather here, making it feel like a genuine community spot. The rustic setting adds charm, making it a perfect place to unwind. Don’t miss out on their signature cocktails—they’re creative and refreshing.

Directly across the street from Shambles is their Sweet Shack. It has great views from its upstairs deck, where they serve boozy frozen drinks, ice cream, and lemonade. It is open Monday through Friday, 1:00—9:00 p.m.

Three people sit and play music in front of a rustic stone structure under a clear blue sky, with trees and outdoor seating arrangements surrounding them.

The Windmill: Sunset Views and Live Music

The Windmill Bar, located at Neptune’s Lookout by the historic 1780s Susannaberg Windmill, offers breathtaking sunset views. Enjoy live music nights with your favorite drink in a lively yet relaxing ambiance. The scenic setting and local bands make it a must-visit spot for locals and visitors.

Beachfront Bliss: Bikini Bar at Honeymoon, Maho Paddle-In Tiki Bar, and Beach Bar & Snack Shack at Trunk Bay

Bikini Bar at Honeymoon Beach is a great place to enjoy a drink on the sandy shore. The cocktails are fantastic, and the beach vibes are unforgettable.

Maho Paddle-In Tiki Bar offers a unique experience. It is located across the street from Maho, at Maho Crossroads. Their tropical drinks are a must-try.

Beach Bar & Snack Shack at Trunk Bay is another favorite. It combines good food, refreshing drinks, and a stunning beachfront view. This spot is perfect for a quick snack or meal while visiting Trunk Bay.

Enjoy these bars for a mix of great drinks, friendly atmospheres, and beautiful settings that make your visit to St. John unforgettable.

Coral Bay’s Laid-Back Libations

Coral Bay offers some fantastic spots for relaxing with a drink. Whether you’re enjoying a meal at a family-friendly hangout or sipping cocktails on the water, this area has something special for you.

People are seated at a bar with various sports team flags hanging overhead. A chalkboard lists specials including "Creamsicle" and "Cheddar Chz." Two televisions show a sports game in the background.

Skinny Legs: A Family-Friendly Hangout

Skinny Legs Bar is a must-visit when in the Coral Bay area. It’s known for its laid-back vibe and friendly atmosphere. You’ll find families, locals, and tourists mingling here. The menu boasts some of the best bar food on the island, including juicy burgers and fresh salads.

The bar offers a wide selection of great drinks, from cold beers to tropical cocktails. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a day of visiting beaches on this side of the island. If you love live music, you’ll often catch local bands playing, adding even more fun to your visit.

The Lime Out taco bar at Coral Bay dining

Lime Out: Tacos on the Water

Lime Out offers a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t want to miss. This floating bar serves delicious tacos on the water and is accessible only by boat, so you’ll need to rent a dinghy, charter a boat, or take a water taxi. Spend a few hours savoring your meal while floating in the bay.

Known for its creative cocktails, Lime Out serves refreshing margaritas and rum punches. Surrounded by clear blue waters, it’s the perfect spot to relax on a lily pad and soak in Coral Bay’s unique, laid-back atmosphere.

A hand holding a glass mug filled with an orange beverage and ice, with a straw and backdrop of greenery and a porch.

Seasonal Considerations: When to Visit

Different times of the year offer unique experiences at the bars in St. John. The best times to visit include the popular tourist season with lively crowds and the off-season for a more relaxed vibe.

Overview of the Best Times to Explore St. John’s Bars

The high season in St. John is from mid-December to April. The weather is warm and dry during these months, making it perfect for enjoying outdoor bars. You will find many tourists and activities, which can add to the fun.

Many bars have events and live music during this time. This makes it a great period for those who love a bustling nightlife. Some popular spots might even offer special drinks and entertainment.

Remember that flights and hotel prices are higher during the high season—book in advance to secure the best deals. Despite the costs, the island atmosphere is worth it.

Tips for Visiting During the Off-Season

The off-season in St. John runs from May to November. This period is quieter and less crowded, which can be a plus if you prefer a laid-back atmosphere.

You can often find discounts on accommodations and flights. Fewer tourists also mean quicker service at bars and a chance to chat more easily with the locals.

Be aware that hurricane season peaks from August to October. This can bring rain and storms. Some bars might close during this time. However, you can still find sunshine and pleasant weather earlier and later in the off-season.

It’s a good idea to check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. You can enjoy a more personal and relaxed bar experience during these months.

Final Thoughts on the Best Bars in St. John, USVI

St. John in the US Virgin Islands offers an eclectic mix of bars perfect for your next memorable adventure. From Coral Bay to lively spots for a good time, there’s something for every occasion.

Wrapping up the Bar-Hopping Journey

St. John boasts unique bars ideal for all occasions. These bars offer cold drinks with stunning sea views or dance under the stars. Whether celebrating an event or enjoying a relaxed evening, you’ll find diverse experiences, including live music, to soak in local culture and make new friends.

Each bar has its charm, making your visit unforgettable. Be sure to explore the bar scene, try local drinks, and plan to make the most of your time on the island. Turn your vacation into an adventure filled with good times and lasting memories.

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