Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas USVI with numerous sailboats on blue water is set against a backdrop of green hills and scattered buildings under a partly cloudy sky, as the Westin St. John Ferry glides gracefully through the harbor.
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Westin St. John Ferry and Public Ferry Information

Traveling to the Westin St. John Resort is a travel experience, beginning with the journey to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. When planning your getaway to this tropical destination, it’s important to consider how you’ll travel from the airport to the resort on St. John. The Westin St. John Resort offers a private ferry service for its guests that promises a seamless and exclusive start to your vacation.

Choosing the resort’s private ferry service adds a touch of comfort and exclusivity to your travel plans. This option lets you bypass the hustle and bustle of public transportation and directly reach the villa rentals that await you.

As you arrange your itinerary, comparing the costs and reviewing the ferry schedules will ensure your travels align with your vacation plans, giving you more time to relish the Caribbean sunsets and tropical ambiance.

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Front view of Urman Victor Fredericks Marine Terminal with people entering and exiting, as the Public Ferry operates efficiently.

Westin St. John Resort Villas’ Private Ferry Service

When you arrive at St. Thomas Airport, you’ll find the Westin Airport Lounge near the baggage claim area. This space allows you to relax before the next leg of your journey to Westin St. John. Your transition is seamless as you move from the airplane to the private ferry service provided by Westin.

The private Westin ferry service is designed to enhance your experience. It offers a 15-minute ferry ride directly to the resort. This exclusive amenity adds a touch of luxury, letting you bypass the public ferry lines and begin your island experience promptly and easily.

Schedule and Costs:

  • Daily Departures: Ferries run at scheduled times throughout the day, ensuring timely services regardless of your flight arrival.
  • Ferry Costs: Prices are set for guests’ convenience and are reserved directly by the resort.
    • $130/ person round trip from Red Hook to Chocolate Hole for owners
    • $150/person round trip for non-owners
    • $60 Shopping Pass
    • $85/person for one way
    • $95/child (4-12yrs) round trip
    • $85/child one way
  • Luggage Fees: Fees for luggage transfer are included in the set price.
  • It must be arranged in advance. Call the Westin St. John Resort Villas at 1-340-693-8000 or email [email protected]
People boarding the blue public ferry "Cruz Bay 1" at a dock in St. Thomas, USVI, under a cloudy sky.
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Cost Comparison and Scheduling

In choosing between private and public ferry services for your trips to and from Westin St. John, consider cost differences and schedule availability to find the best option.

Private Ferry Costs

The Westin Ferry offers dedicated services directly from Red Hook and Charlotte Amalie to the Westin Resort dock at Cruz Bay. Investing in a Westin ferry pass might be worthwhile for guests prioritizing convenience. The cost for a round-trip ticket via the Westin Ferry is generally much higher than public options but includes added comforts such as guaranteed seating and assistance with luggage. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Westin Ferry from Red Hook: $130 round trip per adult if a Westin Timeshare owner, $150 round trip per adult for Westin Guests.

Guests sometimes opt for Westin Ferry because it permits unlimited travel during the reservation period—ideal for frequent or daily shopping trips.

Public Ferry Advantages

Using the public ferry, you can travel from Red Hook Ferry dock or Charlotte Amalie to Cruz Bay. The public ferry is a budget-friendly option and offers a more flexible schedule with multiple daily trips, typically from early morning until late evening. Here are some key points:

  • Economical: A round-trip ticket costs around $14 from Red Hook and about $26 from Charlotte Amalie.
  • There is a $4 / bag fee that excludes your carry-on item.
  • Flexibility: Ferries depart approximately every half hour from Red Hook and less frequently from Charlotte Amalie.
  • No booking is needed. Public ferries operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Book online to avoid waiting in line at the ferry terminal. Tickets are valid for 10 days.
  • The ferry from Red Hook to Cruz Bay takes approximately 20 minutes. Red Hook is further from the airport. Charlotte Amalie is a 45-minute ferry ride to Cruz Bay, St. John. Charlotte Amalie is closer to the airport.

Remember that public ferries are last-minute, so you might have to wait for the next service if one is full during peak times.

A line of travelers with luggage wait at an indoor terminal with signs for St. John Ferry Services and Tortola. The ceiling has wooden beams, and large windows line one side of the terminal, showcasing the scenic route of the Westin St. John Ferry and other public ferry options nearby.

Travel Insights and Tips

When planning your trip to the Westin St. John Resort, understanding your ferry options from St. Thomas is essential for a smooth start to your vacation. Opting for the Westin-operated ferry service directly from the Crown Bay Marina might be your best way to reach St. John. This service is comfortable and allows you to meet some Westin staff who can provide valuable insights into your stay.

Upon arrival in St. Thomas, you have a few transportation options to get to the Crown Bay Marina or Red Hook:

  • Taxi Service: Readily available at the airport.
  • Public Taxi: A cost-effective choice; however, it may have additional wait times or stops.

Here are a few tips to help you with your ferry travel:

  • Booking: It’s advisable to book your ferry ride in advance, especially during peak season. Tickets are valid for 10 days.
  • Car Barge: If you’re bringing a rental car to St. John, a car barge service is available from Red Hook Ferry Terminal.
  • Bag Fees: Be prepared, as there is a nominal bag fee per piece of luggage, excluding personal items.
  • Payment: Most services require a credit card, so keep one handy.
People are gathered near the "Loredon Lorraine Boynes Sr. Dock St. John, USVI, Cruz Bay" terminal by the waterfront, waiting for the Westin St. John Ferry, with boats visible in the distance and a palm tree on the right.

Final Thoughts about the Westin St. John Ferry

The Westin St. John Resort provides a private ferry to access its facilities conveniently. The costs include transportation from the airport and the ferry dock. Although this service is convenient, there is a steep upcharge for it.

You pay for the convenience of handing over your luggage at the St. Thomas airport (Cyril E. King, STT) and waiting in the Westin St. John lounge in the baggage claim area of the airport.  The ferry pass can be charged to your Westin St. John room bill.  A taxi leaves regularly from the airport to Red Hook. The ferry to Westin St. John takes 15 minutes.

While you might consider hopping from St. John to St. Thomas during your stay, we’ve discovered that St. John Island offers such a wealth of experiences that you’ll find no reason to leave.

If you stay more than a week, you may have a reason to travel from St. Thomas to St. John, especially to grocery shops.

Stay informed and prepared will help ensure a seamless transition to island time!

St. Thomas / St. John Ferry posting with prices at Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI
St. John / St. Thomas ferry services

FAQ about Westin St. John Ferry

What is the 2024 ferry schedule from St. Thomas to the Westin St. John?

The 2024 ferry schedule from St. Thomas to the Westin St. John offers multiple daily departures. Please check the current timetable closer to your travel date for the most accurate departure times.

Are reservations required for the ferry service to the Westin St. John?

Yes, reservations are highly recommended for the ferry service to Westin St. John, especially during peak travel seasons, to ensure you have a guaranteed spot.

How can I get a taxi from Cruz Bay to the Westin St. John?

Upon arriving at Cruz Bay, you can easily get a taxi to the Westin St. John resort. Taxis are readily available with standardized rates, eliminating the need for prior booking.

Can you provide the contact phone number for the Westin St. John?

For assistance, you can contact Westin St. John at +1 340-693-8000, where the staff can provide further information and help with any inquiries.

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