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Travel Apps for London: Must Have for Visiting London

With its rich history and culture, exploring London is simple and enjoyable with the right travel apps. They help you navigate the Tube, uncover hidden treasures, and savor the city’s diverse culinary scene. Leverage apps with real-time updates and travel tools for a smooth and unforgettable London journey.

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Must-Have Travel Apps for Navigating London – Transportation Apps

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned Londoner, the right travel apps on your smartphone can enhance your experience in this bustling metropolis. These must-have apps offer a range of features, from live updates and tube line status to bike-sharing options.

Citymapper App

Citymapper is the quintessential app for seamless travel throughout London, offering a user-friendly platform to navigate the city’s comprehensive public transportation network.

The app offers real-time transit updates and route options for speed, cost, or less crowding to match your preferences.

It also includes the iconic London tube map, detailed step-free access routes, and live departure times, ensuring that Citymapper is your all-in-one guide to getting around London efficiently.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an essential tool for exploring London. It offers detailed maps and a wealth of information on local businesses.

Plan and save your daily itinerary within the app to maximize your sightseeing efficiency.

For uninterrupted navigation, utilize its offline map feature, which allows you to download and access your routes without needing an internet connection.

TfL Go App

The official TfL app keeps you informed on the status of tube lines and next bus arrivals and even provides accessible journey planning for those with specific needs.

Rideshare Apps

For rides on demand, Uber App and Free Now offer an easy way to book a car.

If you prefer the iconic London black cabs, the Gett App is a specialized service just for that.

TfL Oyster and contactless app

This app allows you to manage your oyster card and contactless payments online and on the go.

Santander Cycles App

can assist in locating the nearest bike-sharing station. It’s a great way to navigate the streets to avoid congestion or enjoy the city from a different perspective.


If you are a train enthusiast or a long-distance traveler, this is your digital ticket to booking and planning train journeys across major cities, including those beyond London.

Be sure to download these apps before exploring, and you’ll navigate London like a pro.

Our Trusted Resources

Booking.com: for booking accommodations

Fare Drop: for finding the best airfare deals.

Viator or Get Your Guide: for all my activities

Discover Cars: for car rentals

Airalo: for eSIM card

Trainline: for booking train tickets

Vuori & prAna: great sources for travel clothes

Columbia: great clothes and accessories for outdoor adventures.

International Drivers Permit: for getting your IDP

Travelex: for Travel Insurance

Activities, Events, and Tickets Travel Apps to Explore London

With the right travel apps, effortlessly immerse yourself in London’s history and modern vibe, from the majestic Tower Bridge to the splendor of Buckingham Palace.

Viator and Get Your Guide Apps

Viator should be your go-to guide for detailed information on major landmarks, including the option to book tickets for a guided tour at iconic spots. Get Your Guide offers curated experiences and tickets to attractions, ensuring you’re always at the heart of London’s activities.

Theatre Tickets

TodayTix provides handpicked lists of the best available theatre tickets for your first trip to London’s West End. Whether it’s a day trip or you’re out for a night, you’ll have your pick of the top shows with this great app.

Guided Tours & Audio Guide

Rick Steves Audio Europe and WeGoTrip Audio Tours & Guide offer curated content if you’re interested in digging deeper into London’s history. These self-guided tour audio will enrich your journey.

London Pass

The Go City app for the London Pass includes a variety of must-see attractions around the city. The London Pass offers a discount on popular attractions and allows you to choose attractions as you go, skipping the lines.

National Trust App

For those exploring beyond the big city, this must-have app showcases a range of day trip options to National Trust properties and gardens – all within easy reach.

Look out for the official Visit London app’s selections of the best things to do, ensuring you don’t miss out on top experiences during your stay.

Savor the Flavors of London – Best Food & Drink Travel Apps

Exploring London means indulging in its culinary diversity, with apps that guide you to the best food and drink spots while offering exclusive deals and insights from user reviews.

Deliveroo App

Find a wide array of the best restaurants and local eateries, offering the convenience of delivery right to your door. The home screen showcases daily picks and exclusive offers tailored to your taste.

Open Table App

Reservations at top-notch London restaurants are just a tap away. Use Open Table to secure a spot at in-demand tables and discover lesser-known venues.

Best Coffee App

Your definitive guide to the best coffee shops in London, boasting a selection of the finest brews and patisseries. Filters help you locate coffee shop options renowned for their quality.

Happy Cow App

A must-have for vegetarians and vegans seeking plant-based delights around the city. The app also features options focused on reducing food waste.

Dojo App

It allows you to join a virtual queue for restaurants that don’t take reservations. You must be within walking distance of the restaurant to enter the queue.

Utilize these apps to navigate London’s culinary scene, sampling everything from the quintessential English breakfast to international cuisine. Discover local favorites, leverage great deals, and savor the flavors of London.

Stay Connected and Insured

When traveling to London, ensuring you have a reliable internet connection and are well-insured is crucial. These factors are essential for both convenience and security during your stay.

Staying Connected with Travel Apps for London

Internet Connection

Ensure you have internet access by considering an eSIM like Airalo, which offers a local data plan. This means you can avoid hefty roaming charges and stay connected easily.

Airalo App

Buy an eSIM, monitor your data usage, or add more data when needed. You don’t need to switch out SIM cards; it’s done right in your settings.

How to use an eSIM Card

Are you going on a trip and want to stay connected without racking international roaming charges on your cell phone? Here’s what you need to do: set up wifi calling before you leave home. It’s easy to do and will allow you to call and text using wifi even when your phone is in airplane mode.

You can even FaceTime with other Apple users if you have an Apple phone. Android users can communicate with WhatsApp.

Another great option is to buy an eSIM card via Airalo. Upload an eSIM to your phone (don’t delete your eSIM from your cell phone carrier; switch it off for Data usage). Your eSIM provider will give you instructions on how to do this. Be aware that the eSIM is for data only and will only work in the countries where you’ve purchased the service. If you need to make calls or text using data, you can still use WhatsApp. Stay connected and save money with these tips!


Using apps like WhatsApp, you can stay in contact with your loved ones and share your experiences. These apps require only an internet connection for messaging and calls.


Travel Insurance

Securing travel insurance before your trip is essential. Look for policies that cover loss, theft, and medical expenses. I recommend Travelex. Their app with your policy information is Travel On.

With these applications and precautions, you’ll be able to enjoy your London experience with peace of mind, knowing you’re connected and insured.

Organize Your Journey with Ease with my Must-Haves Travel Apps

The right travel apps can transform your traveling experience, helping you navigate new places confidently and discover hidden gems easily.


This is my number one app for traveling. It organizes your travel details and keeps all your reservations in one place.


Booking.com takes the stress out of finding the perfect hotel room—sort by area, room type, star rating, and customer reviews.


It is not a travel app directly, but it is essential for travelers who need to manage their wardrobes and pack efficiently for their trips.

Xe app

It is an excellent tool for quickly and accurately determining exchange rates, helping you understand exactly how much a foreign currency transaction will cost in your currency.

Apple Pay

It is a convenient feature for iPhone users, especially when making contactless payments—a method widely accepted by numerous businesses across London.

To ensure a smooth and efficient payment experience, it’s advisable to set up your Apple Pay by adding your payment information to the app in advance. This proactive step will save you time and streamline your transactions while you’re in the city.

Final Thoughts on the Best Travel Apps for London

Remember, your London adventure is all the richer when you use modern tools to guide your way. Whether hunting down the next hidden café or buying tickets to a West End show, these travel apps promise a tailor-made experience for your city escapades.

FAQ about the best travel apps for London

What is the top-rated app for navigating London’s public transport?

Citymapper is highly acclaimed for its comprehensive coverage and real-time updates on London’s public transport. The app provides detailed routes, schedules, and directions for getting around the city efficiently.

Can you suggest an app for planning my visit to London’s attractions and events?

Viator is a great choice for planning your itinerary. It provides a list of activities and attractions, as well as reviews and booking options.

How do I pay for my travel on the Tube using an app?

You can use the TfL Oyster app to top up your Oyster card or the contactless payment feature on your phone to pay for your travel on the Tube using services like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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