Road to Hana Guide

Must Stops for the Ultimate Day Trip


Everything you need to know for making the most of your Road to Hana Drive


Start in Paia by 8 am

Pack Drinks & Snacks



Map your route

Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail

choose the Route you will drive

There are 3 common options: The Traditional, The Loop, and The Backway. 1st time visitors are advised to use the Traditional  Route.


Dashed Trail

Start in Paia

Get an early start from your hotel. To make the most of your day, plan on leaving Paia by 8 am.

Plan on spending 10-12 hours with stops on this road trip. Don't try to schedule any other activity for the day.

Pack a cooler with Drinks & Snacks

There are some roadside stands along the way. It depends on if they are open and what time you pass by. Often, you drive for miles without passing anything. 


Dashed Trail

Bring a swimsuit & towel

Take time to enjoy a dip in a waterfall or stop at the beach 

Bring hiking shoes. Expect to get muddy. Use a plastic bag to place your shoes when off the trails.

Plan Your Route

First-time visitors should drive from Paia to Ohe'o Gulch and then turn back towards Paia. Plan to reach Paia before dark.


Save your map before leaving

Cell service will be limited. Download your map before leaving Paia. 

Now, you are ready to start driving! Check out our Road to Hana Itinerary of the must-visit stops!

Terrain Map